La Vigna's Story

The company was born from an idea originated in one of the many meetings done in several years of mutual knowledge between Massimo and Simon.

Massimo, who does research on products in the territory in Italy, over time, has brought to Simon different oenological products that he thought being the true expression of the land, often produced from those small realities of family businesses or small farms, far away from the industrial products made in large numbers and homologated so that they are very similar to each other wines.

The target was to get his friend to know those hidden realities that carries the perfumes and history of the land, resulting from traditions, handed down father to son, that are still alive and important in Italy. but those that can speak for themselves and share emotions and pleasures that can only be achievable with ingredients such as dedication, love for your own job and a deep passion.

Due its geographic structure, Italy can offer a huge variety of different microclimates, as well as soil compositions and expositions. On top of that, thanks to the high number of indigenous grape varieties, more than 350, the variety of products that the country can offer is even wider.

Wine, still remaining subject to our very personal taste, can make us discover that what we like is not always the most expensive or popular choice;it is simply what WE like for its characteristics, its perfume, for the sensations it creates when we drink it, and knowing the history of that wine can only increase its charm and our appreciation.

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